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Cleaning Supplies


Email us at

to book a service.

*Additional services may be added as add–on for an extra cost

Our regular cleaning rate is $18 per hour per cleaner.

We provide the cleaning products and tools. For regular cleaning, we assign the cleaners as follows:
• Studios/small 1-bedroom apartments – 1 cleaner for 3-4 hours
• Two-bedroom apartments/homes – 1 cleaner for 4-5 hours
• Three bedrooms apartments/homes – 1 cleaner for 5-6 hours
• Four bedroom and larger houses – 2 cleaners are assigned for 3 – 4 hours

**Times given are just an estimate. The actual time taken to complete the work will depend on the condition of your home. You will be billed for the actual time spent.

Tasks included in the Regular Cleaning:

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